Dota 2 Gameplay – Miracle Sniper

Check out this sick video from Miracle as he abuses Ogre Bloodlust combo with Sniper to get that easy win. A pretty good video to watch if you are trying to improve your skills as a midlaner. In this video he versus Lina and is able to outplay her with perfectly timed scattershots and positioning.

At Dota 2 Gameplay, we believe that if you study hard and break down the success of others, you can IMPLEMENT IT yourself.

As part of that belief, we believe like with any other sport, watching replays and breaking down what PROS did can help your game. So as part of this channel’s content, we want to provide the Pros perspective when playing so you can analyze and implement their mindset and play. This article covers the professional player from Liquid : Miracle.

Dota 2 Gameplay – Item Breakdown

Miracle had the following item timings:

Dota 2 Gameplay - Miracle - 4178448265 - Item Timing


Dota 2 Gameplay – Talent Tree

The final talent tree that Miracle had in this game

Dota 2 Miracle - 4178448265 - Talent Tree





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