EG vs LGD Dota 2 CHONGQING MAJOR – TOP 3 Team bois


This article will look at EG’s gameplay of Phantom Assasin. Arteezy plays it as position 1 as Safelane. This video is from Game 1 of the EG vs LGD Chongqing Major.
It’s a pretty good game!

Dota 2 Gameplay – Item Breakdown

Arteezy had the following item timings:

First major item was Vladmir at 12:11. Then 5 mins later he was able to farm a BKB.

It looks like he took his Vlad’s and repurposed it to a Satanic.


Dota 2 Gameplay – Talent Tree

For this game, Arteezy went Armor Corruption because they had a Magmus on his team.

This is also he was able to get such good farm timing.




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Dota 2 Gameplay – EZ. VERY EZ

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