Check out this sick video from RTZ (Arteezy – aka Artour aka BOBAGONUSH) as he abuses Arc Warden as the carry(Position 1 – Safelane)  My friends can attest to this, after I watched his performance and studied these videos, I changed my build to exactly what he did and so far am on a 5 game winning streak.


At Dota 2 Gameplay, we believe that if you study hard and break down the success of others, you can IMPLEMENT IT yourself.

As part of that belief, we believe like with any other sport, watching replays and breaking down what PROS did can help your game. So as part of this channel’s content, we want to provide the Pros perspective when playing so you can analyze and implement their mindset and play. This article covers the professional player from OG : 7ckngmad. Hope you enjoy this Ceb Gameplay!

Dota 2 Gameplay – Item Breakdown

Arteezy had the following item timings:

Pretty standard build here. Notice he got NECROMINIUM BEFORE MIDAS!!! When your that good you know LOL.

In my games (Turbo) I get midas and I actually DON’T like getting necro because it ruins my micro. I press tab to switch between Heroes (Real and clone), and when I get necro it goes to my necrominium units instead of my carry, so ruins my muscle memory. Try this out let me know in the comments what you think!

Dota 2 Gameplay - Arteezy - Arc Warden


Dota 2 Gameplay – Talent Tree

The final talent tree that Arteezy had in this game. Too bad this game didn’t go that long, as we would’ve probably seen the 700 AOE living armor.




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Dota 2 Gameplay – IT REALLY IS 2 EZ for Arteezy  – Conclusion

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Arteezy is really showing how to effectively play this hero. But also remember that it is a TEAM game, so the draft is centered around letting Arteezy shine!! Don’t forget that, if YOU want to take it to the next level, you have to organize/align yourself with people who KNOW THEIR ROLES and know the strategy. I encourage you guys to network with each other in this community I am building so we can ALL GET TO IMMORTAL AND BEYOND

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